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Baylor SOE Recognizes Two “Memorable Teachers” [05/21/2024]


Memorable Teachers Geoff and Shannon Brooks with Baylor senior Moriah Feng

Memorable Teachers Geoff and Shannon Brooks with Baylor senior Moriah Feng

by Kassidy Tsikitas

Two “memorable” teachers were honored at the annual Baylor University School of Education Senior Recognition Banquet on April 25. Following tradition, Baylor School of Education seniors had the opportunity to nominate a teacher who had been influential in their lives, and the awarded educators were chosen by a Baylor faculty committee.

This year, Shannon and Geoff Brooks, who both teach at Second Baptist School in Houston, were honored with the Baylor School of Education’s “Most Memorable Teacher” award. They were nominated by senior middle grades mathematics education major Moriah Feng, who read her nominating essay at the banquet.

Feng, who graduated from Baylor University in May, said that Shannon and Geoff Brooks often referred to their students as “their kids.” As members of Second Baptist Church, the married couple shaped their respective classrooms through Christ’s love, leaving a lasting impact on their students. Mr. Brooks said, “My wife and I work hard to give each student who crosses our paths an experience that is worthy of their time and the effort we are going to require of them.”

Mr. and Mrs. Brooks were both surprised and honored to receive this award. Mrs. Brooks said, “I remember when Moriah told me she wanted to be a teacher after her junior year of high school, I squealed with excitement as I could see she had all the makings to be a fabulous educator.”

Feng said she will carry the lasting impact of these memorable teachers into her future classroom.

Shannon Brooks

Shannon Brooks was Feng’s English teacher at Second Baptist School, where she has taught for the past eight years. A graduate of the University of Texas at Dallas with a BA in literature and Southern Methodist University with an MEd in gifted studies, she previously taught English at Duchesne Academy of the Sacred Heart for two years and gifted and talented English at Allen High School for eight years.

Feng wrote, “She taught me to shoot higher, aim further, and put forth the effort needed to succeed in my goals.” Feng described Mrs. Brooks as not just an amazing classroom educator, but one who always went above and beyond for her students. Feng also said Mrs. Brooks was her role model, because she modeled the qualities of the woman Feng wanted to be when she grew up.

For Mrs. Brooks, teaching is not only a calling, but also a blessing. “I spend my days surrounded by kindness, intelligence, and grace,” she said. Mrs. Brooks has a sense of pride and hope when working alongside the future of our country. She said her goal was to not only pass on wisdom and skills, but to also let her students know how much she loves them and wants the best for them.

Mrs. Brooks said it was an immense honor to receive recognition from a high-caliber student like Moriah. She said, “After a year of battling cancer, to receive this honor was the most edifying experience as it reminded me, once again, education is important.”

Geoff Brooks

Geoff Brooks was Feng’s teacher during her junior and senior years at Second Baptist School, where he has taught AP and honors physics and scientific entrepreneurship and design for 18 years. A graduate of Oklahoma Baptist University with a BA in political science and BS in physics and the University of Nebraska with an MS in physics and astronomy, he previously taught chemistry and physics at Allen High School for two years and physics at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln for two years.

Feng wrote, “Mr. Brooks was arguably a genius, destined for greatness bigger than the small room that contained him, but he never once let that stop him from teaching physics to ungrateful high schoolers.” She said he modeled what it looked like to teach with passion, and that she hopes to pass down the same love and passion.

Mr. Brooks said teaching incorporates two of his greatest passions: people and learning. He believes God has gifted him with a purpose of helping others to grow and become “better” through the new concepts he has been taught through His call.

Mr. Brooks also said the lasting impact he had on a student of high character such as Feng is humbling. He said, “We are so proud of everything she has accomplished, for how she has conquered the obstacles that crept up, the relationships she has developed at Baylor, and the passion she has for her future career (starting with Robinson).”

He advises graduating education students that, as teachers, they should go beyond expectations in the classroom and show love and care for their future students. “Make sure it is an impact that you can be proud of, one that inspires each student and challenges them to be better,” he said.


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