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Baylor Professors Inspire School of Education Students through “Faith in the K-12 Classroom” Seminar


L-R: Dr. Erik Carter, Dr. Kelly Johnston, Dr. Jon Eckert

School of Education professors Dr. Jon Eckert, Dr. Erik Carter, and Dr. Kelly Johnston led discussions with graduating seniors this spring, adding to the senior job prep seminar to share how seniors can live out their faith in the classroom. A key theme was the imperative to reach and support each student individually.

Dr. Eckert encouraged feedback, engagement, and well-being (FEW) as a cornerstone of effective teaching; Dr. Carter explored faith and disability and the importance of creating a sense of belonging for each student; and Dr. Johnston reminded seniors that every interaction with their students is an opportunity to exemplify faith, highlighting the impact of every word and action of a classroom teacher.

Read the FULL STORY on the Baylor Center for School Leadership (BCSL) website.

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