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SOE Welcomes Students from Valley Mills with Superhero Theme [07/12/2018]


The School of Education welcomed 50 students and seven teachers from the Valley Mills ISD (VMISD) After School Centers on Education (ACE) program to the Baylor University School of Education on Thursday, June 14. Dr. Tony L. Talbert and Dr. Sandra Talbert chose a superhero theme for the visit, inducting the students into the “Green and Gold Illuminate League” based on the students’ strong educational powers.

Katherine Argo, VMISD-ACE director, chose Baylor University as the group’s first summer field trip location and asked the Talberts to introduce her first- through sixth-grade students to the many educational opportunities they can choose for their futures.

The Talberts captured the VMISD-ACE students’ attention by telling them that they all have unique superpowers. Donning a red cape emblazoned with a golden “S,” Dr. Tony Talbert became the character of “Super Teacher” and asked the students, “How many of you can tell me your favorite superheroine and a superhero?”  Enthusiastically the students called out their favorite characters — Wonder Woman, Black Panther, Batgirl, Batman, Supergirl and Superman.

“Those are all great examples,” Talbert affirmed.  “But did you know that just like your favorite superheroines and superheroes, each of you also have special superpowers? Well, you do! It’s your intelligence. It’s your curiosity. Your superpowers are greater than all other superheroines and superheroes combined because you can think big ideas and ask amazing questions that will change your life and the world as we know it for the better. Baylor University is filled with superheroines and superheroes, and we want you to become a part of our Green and Gold Illuminate League of big thinkers and bold doers.”

The Talberts, along with SOE graduate coordinator Debbie Weaver, fielded several of the students’ questions ranging from, “How do I become a student at Baylor University?” to “How do I get a scholarship?” and “Can I pet the Baylor Bears?”

Before the ACE students and their teachers collected their Baylor University School of Education souvenirs and climbed back onto their yellow school bus, the Talberts and Weaver taught the VMISD-ACE students and their teachers the not-so-secret superheroine and superhero Green and Gold Illuminate League cheer. In unison the 50 VMISD-ACE students, their seven teachers — and, according to Dr. Tony Talbert, a few assorted resident squirrels — formed their hands into bear claws, raised their outstretched arms above their heads, and with a fierce loud growling cheer of “Sic ’em Bears,” they officially became members of the Green and Gold Illuminate League.

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