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First-Year Teacher Reflections — How Did SOE Graduates Do? [07/15/2016]

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The Baylor School of Education prides itself on preparing graduates for the classroom through rigorous coursework as well as intense faculty-guided field experiences. But how did we really do? Read the reflections of six graduates after their first year in the classroom.

Bonus: Read a few heart-warming notes written to these teachers by their students!

Profile2-AshlynCramerAshlyn Cramer, BSEd ’15
Eighth Grade, DeLay Middle School
Lewisville ISD

“Picture in your head the student that was always causing trouble and always in trouble. That was this student. He was every teacher’s nightmare, but he was my special case; he was my goal. I prayed for this student, I worked with this student, and we made progress.”



Profile2-EmilyRiceEmily Rice, BSEd ’14, MSEd ’15
Fourth Grade, Neysa Callison Elementary
Round Rock ISD

“I just accomplished the most challenging thing I’ve ever tried in my life. E-portfolios, interning, 20-page papers, and master’s comps were nothing in comparison! However, I know that without the years of experiences I got at Baylor, that this year would have been immensely more challenging than it was.”



Profile2-SeanBooneSean Boone, BSEd ’15
Second Grade, Springdale Elementary
Fort Worth ISD

“My first year in the classroom was an incredible year with ups and downs, moments of calm, and others of organized chaos. . . . In the beginning of the year, I struggled with pouring too much of my time into my work in an inefficient way and not leaving enough time for myself to have relationships outside of work, which influenced my effectiveness as a teacher.”



Profile2-AlyssaMessierAlyssa Messier, BSEd ’15, MSEd ’15
Fifth Grade, Golbow Elementary
Katy ISD

“It was chaotic, exhausting, but oh so rewarding! It was the most trying and worthwhile year of my life. . . . Your first year of teaching will be overwhelming. There will be days when you ask yourself, ‘Why did I not choose something easier? Why did I not find a job that allows me to just work from 9-5, Monday through Friday?’ But then you go to school, and you see your students. They will make you laugh, cry, and every day they will remind you why you are a teacher.”



Profile2-LaurynKirkhartLauryn Kirkhart, BSEd ’15
Second Grade, Bell’s Hill Elementary
Waco ISD

“My favorite project, the ‘How We Will Change the World Project,’ required my students to write a book and create a music video of what occupation they were going to choose to change the world. My students dreamed of being paleontologists, doctors, police officers, teachers, and inventors. They researched colleges that would help them achieve their goals, and I’m proud to say that Baylor might be getting some of my leaders in their entry class of 2026!”



Profile2-MalloyButlerMalloy Butler, BSEd ’14, MSEd ’15
High School English, Coppell High School
Coppell ISD

“The most important thing that I learned this year is to communicate with parents and administrators regularly. With parents, it is important to have positive conversations with them about their students. At the beginning of the year, I sent an email to parents whose student made an A on our first assessment, asking them to celebrate their students for their high grade. So many of my parents responded with thankful, positive emails (which were awesome to read), and I ultimately believe that initial positive communication strengthened my relationships with both parents and students throughout the year.”

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  1. So wonderful to hear from these amazing teachers! I thank each of you for sharing. Teaching is an amazing journey! Baylor Proud!

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