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Teaching Together [08/27/2015]



Dr. Madelon McCall training Baylor School of Education students in the co-teach model

This fall, School of Education (SOE) student interns began teaching in a brand new way. With the implementation of the co-teaching method, interns work more closely with their mentor teachers to better serve the students.

SOE faculty member Dr. Krystal Goree, Director of Professional Practice, and Sandra Parnell, Assistant Director of Professional Practice, worked with Baylor faculty to place the Baylor seniors in schools with teachers who have been trained in using the co-teaching strategies.


SOE students during the co-teach workshop

The research-based co-teaching model is exactly what it sounds like — a method that encourages close collaboration between the mentor (the teacher in the classroom) and the preservice teacher (SOE interns) as they plan and deliver lessons and conduct assessments.

Goree said, “With the two teachers planning together and actively participating in instruction and assessment, the preservice teacher feels more involved in the teaching process and better supported in learning the art of teaching.”

In February of 2015, Dr. Nancy Bacharach and Dr. Teresa Heck from St. Cloud State University in Minnesota trained 40 faculty members from Baylor University and experienced teachers from partnership school districts at the Co-Teaching Trainer of Trainers professional development.

These certified trainers then prepared other Baylor faculty and teachers in SOE’s partner school districts, Waco ISD and Midway ISD, to use co-teaching strategies with student interns. Districts where teachers will also be trained are Robinson ISD, Connally ISD, and LaVega ISD.

Baylor’s student interns (seniors) and their mentor teachers participated in Co-Teach Foundations Training before school started this fall. The mentor teachers and Baylor interns will complete Co-Teach Pairs Training together during the first few weeks of the school year.


Co-teach training for area teachers who serve as mentors for Baylor students

“The training experience will also allow the teachers and interns to get to know each other and share ideas as they begin their year of teaching together,” Parnell said.

Goree said, “We feel that all involved will benefit a great deal, contributing to partnership goals of student achievement, preservice teacher development and school development.”

At the end of the school year, Baylor SOE faculty and partner school districts will gather feedback on the effectiveness of the co-teaching model from interns, mentor teachers and administrators via evaluation.

— by Kate McGuire

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