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Baylor Education Dean Search Committee Seeks Input [9/17/2014]


The Baylor School of Education Dean Search Committee is eager to receive input from SOE alumni and others, according to the latest update from the committee. The search committee has completed writing a position announcement and has begun to seek nominations for Dean of the Baylor School of Education.

“In order to develop a deep, diverse and robust pool of prospects, we very much need your help,” committee chair Dr. Michael Matier said. “We seek your suggestions of both potential sources for nominations as well as your own nominations of possible prospects for the position.”

The committee would like to receive sufficient information about a prospect to properly focus on the correct individual and a brief description of why the prospect should be considered. But the committee has asked alumni to allow only the search committee to contact potential nominees and potential sources for nominations.

“In order to minimize the possibility that individuals are contacted multiple times, we ask that you allow the search committee to be the sole point of contact with potential sources and nominees,” Matier said.

To send information to the search committee, please first read about the announcement here:

Position Announcement Released

Potential nominees, sources for nominees, and other comments and suggestions can be communicated to the committee via the confidential email account:

More information about the Education Dean search—including the members of the search committee, the confidentiality agreement under which they serve, a description of the search process, and prior search updates—is located on the main search website:

Education Dean Search Website


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