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SOE Grad Student Elected to AERA Graduate Student Council [4/15/2014]


KariHodgesKari Hodge, a graduate student in the Baylor School of Education’s Educational Psychology Department, was elected as one of nine officers of the Gradate Student Council of the American Educational Research Association (AERA). She is the first Baylor representative to serve in such a role.

“I think the biggest benefit is networking and getting to know people,” Hodge said. “You find out what other people are learning and doing in the field, so you’re not left in your own little world.”

AERA is a national society that strives to improve education standards by encouraging inquiry related to education and evaluation. AERA actively promotes the use of research for practical application purposes. Graduate and undergraduate students make up more than 28 percent of the total membership, which numbers 25,000.

Along with other members of the GSC, Hodge will help facilitate the growth and transition of graduate students to professional researchers by providing numerous developmental opportunities. Collectively, the GSC will support annual meetings and student advocacy, as well as engage in community building and self-governance opportunities.

As a third-year graduate student focusing on quantitative research, Hodge will serve as the GSC Web Master. As a 2014-2015 officer of the GSC, she will update web content, provide information regarding AERA events and post important articles.

In October 2015, Hodge will travel to Washington, D.C., to attend both the 10th Annual Brown Lecture in Educational Research and the AERA Coordinated Committees Meeting with other elected GSC members. These conference meetings will showcase presentations regarding diverse aspects of education pertaining to different AERA divisions and interest groups. —Briana Rojas

(Photo by Briana Rojas)


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