The Famous Mountain Man Breakfast

Much better adventure fuel than oatmeal

Who would have thought that 3 people could eat a dozen eggs, 1 pound of sausage, a bag of hash browns, and gobs of cheese in just 16 minutes?  Seasoned campers know that appetites can get pretty aggressive after you’ve spent a few days in the elements, and eventually oatmeal and granola bars just don’t cut it.  Over spring break, I went to Lost Maples with some friends, and by Day 3 we were more than ready to tackle the Mountain Man Breakfast.  We camped in a primitive site so most meals we prepared on a lightweight one-burner backpacking stove (more on this great product later), but my Dutch oven was waiting for us in the car.

The crew, ready for an in-tents weekend

There are lots of renditions of this dish– this is the way my family makes it because it is simple and requires few dishes.  You will need a dozen beaten eggs, 1 pound breakfast sausage (tip: pre-cook at home and bring frozen to save time and dishes at the campsite; this way, it will also serve as an ice pack to keep other ingredients cool), frozen hashbrowns (about 24 ounces), cheese, and salsa.  Theoretically, this should serve 6 people, but keep in mind what I said about those aggressive appetites!

Lots of recipes call for veggies, but salsa is much easier and packs more flavor

First, line the oven with foil for easy clean-up.  Heat about 25 coals (a chimney is a big help here), and place 10 under the oven and 15 on the lid.  Then, cover the bottom of the oven with hashbrowns.  Pre-cook these for about 15 minutes to get a little crunch out of them. Then, simply dump the eggs and sausage in and cook for about an hour.  This is where granola and trail mix come in handy.  When the eggs are cooked through, add the cheese and cook for 5 more minutes, until melted.  Serve with salsa and enjoy!

happy camper

Happy camper!

This weekend, I’m going to Colorado Bend State Park with my family.  I’ll be sure to let you know what’s on the menu!

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    • Grandpa, next time you make it down to Texas, I promise to make you a Mountain Man breakfast and peach cobbler in the Dutch oven!

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