Our laboratory is located in the Baylor Science Building.  Currently, I am currently accepting Ph.D students through the Dept of Chemistry and Biochemistry and Institute of Ecological, Earth, and Environmental Science (TIE3S) program.  I am also currently accepting master students through the Dept. of Environmental Science.

The laboratory also has a whale earplug research media page.


Collaborators at Baylor include Dr. Kevin Chambliss (Dept. of Chemistry and Biochemistry), Dr. Stephen Trumble (Dept. of Biology), Dr. Erica Bruce (Dept. of Environmental Science), Dr. Rebecca Sheesley (Dept. of Environmental Science), and Dr. Bryan Brooks (Dept. of Environmental Science).

Other Links:

Western Airborne Contaminants Assessment Project (WACAP)

Center for Reservoir and aquatic research (CRASR)

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