ENV 3316 Introduction to Air Quality

The objective of this course is to help students acquire a basic understanding of the world they live in and to increase their understanding of how personal and societal decisions impact air quality

ENV 3387 Environmental Chemistry

This course is an introduction to the sources, fate and transport of environmental pollutants. Topics also include chemical, physical and biological remediation and waste minimization through industrial ecology.

ENV 3187 Environmental Chemistry Laboratory

Introduction to experimental, field sampling, and analytical methods in environmental chemistry. Emphasis on field detection of both organic and inorganic compounds in soil, water, and air via spectrometric, chromatographic, and fluorometric instrumentation.

ENV 5387 Advanced Environmental Chemistry

Sources and implications of chemical pollution, cost/benefit analyses, chemical implications of alternative energy sources, waste minimization, recycling, and decontamination considerations.

ENV 5303 Environmental Chemical Analysis

Analytic chemistry techniques used in environmental science including sampling, wet chemistry, chromatography, and spectroscopic methods.

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