Thanks for visiting my web page.

I am Ruyu Qin, a Public Health Major student working on completing my Bachelor’s degree at Baylor University.

The reason I chose Public Health as my major is because I am passionate about helping others. This major also offers me many valuable opportunities to apply the knowledge I learned to serve and to improve the quality of bigger communities, since giving back to the community is one of my personal values.

Before I started to study at Baylor University, I was in the U.S. Navy and served my country, deployed around the world. My military experience taught me to value professionalism at work and also trained me to be excellent at demonstrating attention to detail. I also had the chance to observe and experience life in other countries, and this drew my attention to the idea of bringing help to bigger communities. Now I am a proud U.S. Navy veteran and also a proud Baylor bear.

As a full-time student at Baylor University, I do not only maintain my GPA high but also am involved in community service. I joined the oldest service sorority–CHIS, on Baylor’s campus. On weekends, I do service within the Baylor community and also the Waco community.I love spending time with my sisters, sharing their passion to offer help to others.

I hope one day with my professional skills and past experience I can achieve my dream and improve the health of many people and their communities.


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