intramural flag football

This semester I got involved in a competitive league intramural flag football team. I was invited because one of the captains, Cameron East, was my leader at the Baylor Christian Leadership Institute camp which I attended last year. The guys I had the pleasure of playing along side of were awesome and our team really bonded as a group. We had some good talent but we were not exactly the most talented team in our division. However because of our unity and strategy we came together and were able to beat one of the most feared teams our division who were commonly known as the Mob. the Mob were a 14 man team who were fast, strong, and were really well known for picking off the ball on defense and running it back for a TD. We knew this from scouting their games so our quarterback, Connor, had us practice sort passes and runs so they didn’t have that opportunity. when it came time for the game we beat them ending the game at 28-21 using short passes and a lot of QB running plays. This was a really proud moment for us and it really taught me about teamwork and what people can do if they come together and try.

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