RMI Scholarships

The scholarship opportunities listed on this page are available every year, so all listed deadlines should be interpreted as occurring during the current year.

1. Spencer Educational Foundation Scholarship Program (Deadline: January 31)

2. Dallas/Fort Worth RIMS Scholarship Program (Deadline: September 15)

3. Insurance Council of Texas (Deadline: September 30)

The Insurance Council of Texas (ICT), Austin, Texas, a trade association of property and casualty insurers writing business in Texas, has established a scholarship program to encourage students at Baylor University to study risk management and insurance. (For more information about ICT, see ICT’s web site at http://insurancecouncil.org.)

ICT will offer $2,000 scholarships each year for five students who are either enrolled in FIN 3305 (Principles of Risk Management and Insurance) or students who have completed FIN 3305 and who are enrolled in any of the following 4000 level Risk Management and Insurance courses: FIN 4310 (Fundamentals of Life and Health Insurance), FIN 4320 (Fundamentals of Property and Liability Insurance), FIN 4330 (Employee Benefit Planning), and FIN 4335 (Business Risk Management). To be eligible for an ICT scholarship, a student must have a cumulative GPA of at least 3.0 at the beginning of the semester in which the scholarship is awarded or be highly recommended by their professor. Generally, all scholarships will be awarded during the fall semester. However, if a sufficient number of qualified candidates cannot be identified to receive scholarships during the fall semester, funds may be carried over and awarded during the spring semester.

Eligible students can expect to be notified by no later than September 15. Scholarship applications from eligible students must include 1) an academic transcript (an “unofficial” copy obtained directly from the registrar’s office or online using Bearweb will suffice), 2) a copy of the applicant’s resume, and 3) a letter from the applicant to ICT explaining his/her career plans and why he/she feels deserving of an ICT scholarship. The deadline for submitting completed applications is September 30. Applications should be submitted by this date to Ms. Kristol Flanigan (Office: Foster 310.31, phone: 254-710-4774, email: kristol_flanigan@baylor.edu).

Scholarship recipients will be notified by the ICT by no later than October 15. ICT will then issue a news release accompanied by pictures of each of the scholarship recipients. In addition, ICT will publish a separate news release about the Scholarship Program and include a picture of all of the recipients.