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Reminder: Submit final reports for internal grants


“My computer crashed!” “I got busy!” “I just forgot!”

My dog ate my homework

We’ve heard every excuse in the book.

Whatever the reason, we understand that sometimes life gets in the way and you forget to do something important. That’s why the OVPR is issuing a friendly reminder to all investigators who received internal grant funds for FY 2015 to please submit the required final reports.

Information provided in final reports helps the OVPR to measure the effectiveness of our internal grant programs, so it is essential that each investigator complete the report form at the conclusion of their project. Failure to submit a report may also render a faculty member ineligible for future funding from the OVPR until the report is complete.

If you have not submitted a final report for any FY 2015 internal grant, click here to download the final report form. Fill out the form and submit it via email to  Not sure if you are missing reports?  Email Blake and he’ll let you know what reports are still outstanding.

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