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Baylor faculty receive federal grant for research aimed at developing safer industrial chemicals


Dr. Bryan Brooks (Baylor University Photography)

Dr. Bryan Brooks (Baylor University Photography)

Dr. Bryan Brooks, a professor of environmental science and biomedical studies in Baylor’s College of Arts and Sciences will lead a team of scientists from four universities collaborating to make industrial chemicals that are less toxic to humans and the environment.

Brooks, along with Dr. Spencer Williams, a research assistant professor in Baylor’s Center for Reservoir and Aquatic Systems Research (CRASR), will team with faculty at Yale University, George Washington University and the University of Washington on the four-year, $4.4 million dollar project, funded by the National Science Foundation and the Environmental Protection Agency.

The four-university research team, known as the  Molecular Design Research Network (MoDRN), will conduct research to develop computer models to help predict whether molecules will cause toxicity. Alongside the research, education and outreach efforts will help high school students, undergraduates, teachers and practitioners connect with the concepts being studied.

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