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Check your mailbox for the latest issue of Baylor Magazine.

Research and discovery are front-and-center in the latest issue of Baylor Magazine!  The winter 2014 issue includes a trio of feature stories that showcase how Baylor research is making a difference in fields from philosophy and religion to chemistry, biology and environmental science.

Click here to check out the entire magazine, or click the links below to jump directly to the great research stories.

C.S. Lewis: Beyond the wardrobe
On the 50th anniversary of his death, Baylor scholars weighed in on the legacy of C.S. Lewis that still resonates in contemporary culture and on campus today.

Family photos help detect cancer
Baylor professor turns son’s diagnosis into motivation to explore new ways to identify retinoblastoma.

What we can learn from earwax
Baylor professors use whale earwax to pioneer a technique for studying whales and ocean contaminants.

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