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Reminder: OVPR internal research funding opportunities


Last week, Research Tracks brought you an overview of COS Pivot, a database provided by the OVPR to help Baylor faculty seek external funding for their research.  In addition to helping faculty find external funding, we also provide financial support for research and scholarly activity through a number of internal grant programs. In this post, we present an overview of the programs offered through our office and direct you to the relevant pages on our website for more information. If you have questions, contact Blake Thomas at 710-3153.

Faculty Research Investment Program (FRIP)
Applications due Feb. 5. 2014 for funding during FY ’15
FRIP grants provide up to $25,000 in seed money to establish or re-direct research programs to help faculty compete more successfully for external funding. Proposals are peer reviewed by external faculty members with expertise in both the subject matter of the proposal and the funding agency to which the investigator plans to apply. Full-time Baylor faculty members, regardless of academic rank, are eligible to apply for FRIP grants.

Young Investigator Development Program (YIDP)
Applications due Feb. 5. 2014 for funding during FY ’15
Similar to the FRIP, the YIDP program also provides up to $25,000 in seed money to establish or re-direct research programs to enhance competitiveness for external grants. These proposals are also externally peer reviewed. Tenure-track faculty members in their first four years at Baylor are eligible to apply for YIDP funding.

University Research Committee Small and Mid-Range Grant Programs (URC)
Fall round applications due Oct. 23, 2013 for funding from mid-December through May 31, 2013. Applications due Feb. 19, 2014 for funding during FY ’15
The University Research Committee distributes funds for the support and development of projects and programs promoting faculty research and scholarship and strengthening efforts to secure external funding. URC Small Grants provide up to $4,500 in funding, while the mid-range grants can provide up to $7,500. Faculty who receive funding under the mid-range grant program are required to apply for external funding following the completion of their URC-funded project. Proposals to the URC programs are peer-reviewed by faculty members who serve on the URC committee.

Dr. Benjamin F. Brown IV Fund for Interdisciplinary and Collaborative Research (Brown Fund)
Applications due February 19, 2014 for funding during FY ’15
A new funding program beginning in FY ’15, the Brown Fund supports curriculum development and research projects on issues of global significance. Brown Fund awards range in amount up to $5,000 per fiscal year based on the needs of the project. The number of available awards will be determined annually based on the available earnings from an endowment created by Dr. Clara M. Lovett in memory of her late husband, Dr. Benjamin Brown IV.

Undergraduate Research and Scholarly Achievement Small Grant Program (URSA)
Applications due February 5, 2014 for funding during FY ’15
Through the URSA Small Grant Program, the OVPR seeks to foster collaborative learning relationships between faculty members and students. URSA funds may be used to expand opportunities for research participation by undergraduates in a variety of ways including paying wages for student researchers, purchasing necessary supplies for student projects or supporting student travel to present research results at a conference or meeting.

Arts and Humanities Faculty Research Program (AHFRP)
Applications accepted continuously
AHFRP funds are designed to stimulate research, scholarship and creative activities in the arts, humanities and education, where opportunities for external funding may be limited. While funding amounts are based on the needs of each project, the vast majority of AHFRP grants will be for $2,000 or less.

Postdoctoral Fellowship Program
Applications due Oct. 2, 2013 for funding during FY ’15, award extension possible for FY ’16
Through this competitively awarded program, the OVPR provides 12-month postdoctoral research fellowships for Ph.D.-granting departments. Initial appointments are funded for one year, with a second year extension allowed for successful fellows.

Faculty Travel Assistance Grant Program
Applications accepted continuously
The OVPR provides matching funds to help defray the cost of faculty travel to promote or support the development of new or expanded research programs at Baylor. Tenured/tenure-track faculty and funded principal investigators are eligible to apply.

VPR Colloquium Support
Applications accepted continuously
The program provides travel/honorarium funding and logistical support to help bring major national and international speakers to campus.

Conference Support Program
Applications accepted continuously
Provides seed money and logistical support to bring major regional, national or international conferences to Baylor.


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