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Feature film by Baylor’s Chris Hansen accepted for festival

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Where We Started (official trailer) from Chris Hansen on Vimeo.

A new film by Chris Hansen, the director of Baylor’s film and digital media program, has been accepted for inclusion in the Knoxville Film Festival.¬†Where We Started is Hansen’s third feature film (Endings, The Proper Care & Feeding of an American Messiah). Its production was supported in part by a grant from Baylor’s University Research Committee.

The film, described by a review in the Underground Film Journal as “simple, yet emotionally complex,”¬†stars Matthew Brumlow and Cora Vander Broek as two married strangers who meet at a hotel while both are traveling alone. ¬†Unsatisfied in their marriages, the characters are drawn to one another and begin to consider the possibility of an extramarital affair. As the two talk throughout the film, they become more aware of each other’s manipulations and their own vulnerabilities, leading them to reconsider their situations and the possible ramifications of their infidelity.

The Knoxville Film Festival takes place Sept. 19-22 in Knoxville, Tenn. Click here to read more about Where We Started on IMDb.

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