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Conflict of interest regulations promote transparency and objectivity in health research


The U.S. Public Health Service (PHS) has amended its financial Conflict of Interest (COI) regulations aimed at eliminating real or perceived conflicts of interest on the part of investigators who receive funding to conduct health research.

The policy changes the way investigators and institutions must disclose potential conflicts of interest, and mandates COI training for all investigators prior to submission of a proposal to any PHS agency.

The new regulations apply to research funded by or proposed to any PHS agency (PHS agencies include: NIH, SAMHSA, AHRQ, ATSDR, CDC, FDA, HRSA and IHS). Researchers funded by non-PHS agencies are governed by the COI policies specific to their funding agency. Contact OSP for more information.

Baylor provides the required training through our existing CITI online compliance training package. Visit the Conflicts of Interest in Research website to learn more and to access the required training

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