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Baylor faculty member featured on “NIH Research Radio” podcast


Dr. Gary Elkins, a professor in Baylor’s department of psychology and neuroscience, was the featured guest on a recent edition of the National Institutes for Health’s “NIH Research Radio” Podcast.

On the program, he discussed his recently completed study on the use of clinical hypnosis to help postmenopausal women sleep better.  Elkins uses hypnosis to treat symptoms of menopause including hot flashes, increased stress and anxiety or depression, which can cause health problems including difficulty sleeping.

The NIH-funded study revealed a significant reduction in hot flashes and increased quality of sleep for women who received hypnosis sessions and instruction on self-hypnosis.

Click here to listen to the program, or visit the NIH Radio homepage to find information about other NIH podcasts on a wide variety of health topics.

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