You Know You’re in BIC When…

You live for new Mug content.

Am I right, or am I right?


You can pick up the sound of The Republic opening from a mile away.

And it sends a chill down your spine.  You still have bad dreams about plowing through around thirty pages a night in that bad boy, and the whole sexual communism thing was just kinda icky.  The message you gathered: Plato says that everyone should just leave him in charge of everything.  We see you, Plato…


Your World Cultures I professor invites you and your class over for dinner.

And you get to meet their dog.  And also eat.  But really the dog.  Do normal profs do this?


You’ve passed up late-night Whataburger runs because you’re prepping for that Cultures III exam.

There are literally ten essays you have to prepare for, and no amount of fancy ketchup is gonna lure you away from your desk—wait.  Actually, since you only have to write one out of each group of three essays, you only have to prepare for nine.  That’s just math.  Maybe you have some time for a patty melt after all…


All your BIC friends talk about is BIC.

What did you think about the reading last night?  Who would be more fun to shop with, Aristotle or Socrates?  Did you see Dr. Tatum do the worm at last year’s BIC Bowl?  All valid questions, and you can’t complain, because BIC is all you talk about anymore too.


You’re just comfortable with more extreme things than your non-BIC friends.

“Oh, thank god, we only have to read the first eight chapters tonight.”


The Allegory of the Cave is basically the allegory of your life.

If Moody was a cave.  And if you were chained to your study spot.  And if you were blinded by the sun when you left (if you ever left).  Actually, yes, that all sounds pretty accurate.


You’ve forgotten how to raise your hand in class.

It’s a BICer-eat-BICer world in the realm of classroom discussion, and if you waste precious time to raise your hand, you know that you’ll never get a piece of that philosophical discourse action.  Round table discussion feels so natural to you now that people who wait to be called on to speak in non-BIC classes weird you out a little, if you’re being perfectly honest.


The non-BIC life just seems so… unexamined, you know?

Yes, it’s a ton of work, and yes, you don’t sleep as much as you’d like to, but hey—if that’s what living the examined life takes, then you’re ready for it.  You’d like to see Socrates debate you in front of all of Athens, right?


You live for new Mug content.

What?  We said that already?  Are you sure?