“The Daily Grind” with Brittany Gamlen

College students are known for becoming wrapped up in their own lives, and failing to acknowledge there is a world that exists outside of the Baylor bubble. Even so, it is important to stay involved in with current issues because even if they are not affecting you now, they might in the future.  This column looks at issues that are currently happening locally, nationally, or globally, and explains why you should care and how they may directly impact your life.

“Out of Wac” with Nikki Thompson

Part of being a BIC student is being informed of what is going on around us. “Out of Wac” focuses on local issues, including socioeconomic inequality, homelessness, and food insecurity in the city of Waco. I address not only the issues, but also local organizations which are working to help improve our city.

“Hardly Shining” with Veronica Meredith

Unfinished sketches of characters keep coming to life in Gracie’s apartment building. Her faceless villain is her roommate and she keeps finding the work of other artists wandering around. She can only sit back passively eating junk food for so long.

“Crazy Train” with Aaron Cobbs

Welcome back to Crazy Train, the place where we talk about all things pop culture and apply it to learning in general. I’m still Aaron, and I’m still here to be your conductor for the experience

“The BICer Picture” with Delaney Shiu

There are many health concerns in the world that people, especially in the “Baylor Bubble,” don’t really think about, such as the health problems that come with the damage from natural disasters. The point of this column is to highlight some of those concerns and ways to help such as where to send donations or specific organizations that deal with the aftermath of a public health crisis.

“What’s Up, Baylor?” with Chelsea Teague

“What’s Up, Baylor?” spotlights one Baylor student or faculty member every submission. We discuss their most memorable Baylor escapades to date, their accomplishments, hopes, dreams, and the lives they are forging for themselves here in Waco and beyond. We are trekking through Baylor nation one bear at a time!


“Musings on Human Rights” with Katie Mendez


The news is constantly full of new scientific discoveries that could change the way we view the world. I will be looking at these scientific discoveries from a BIC perspective, discussing the history of the field, the ethics, and the worldview implications of scientific progress.

“Like It, Love It, List It” with Bethany Dickerson

This is where lists live. I love to write; it helps me get all of thoughts on paper. Lists help with this because they keep things organized and it is especially satisfying to cross things off the list. If you agree, I encourage you to take these lists into consideration and enjoy!

“A BICer Looks Back” with Kara Blomquist

My name is Kara Blomquist and I’m a senior BICer.  I’ll be highlighting some of the best parts of the BIC and Baylor experience to help you make the most of the time you have.  Our time in BIC won’t last forever.  Let’s enjoy it while we can. Come get nostalgic with me every Monday this fall!