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Present Your PhD is an official student organization, recognized by Baylor, through GSA. Read more about that process and it’s effects.

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Our Top Priorities

Present Your PhD is dedicated to empowering young learners, especially young women and underrepresented minorities, to envision themselves as future scientists, to inspire the community, and to create driving partners of research in STEM.


We know that many young students may not even know a scientist. So we designed a presentation to engage them in the process of thinking like a researcher and inspire their scientific minds!

Community Networks

PyPhD was founded with the mission to bridge the Waco and the Baylor communities. We do that by collaborating with dedicated educators, communicators, and locals alike. 

Grad Leadership

Present Your PhD empowers our members have full control over their success, and, therefore, the success of our collaborations. We are proud to have a diverse and passionate member base.

Curriculum Matching

It can be hard to answer the “why do we have to know this?” question. We do our best to match our research to what you are teaching in the classroom or to students’ interests.

Building Skills

Have you ever wanted to share your research but werent sure how or where to start? Does your writing lack broader impacts? Join us to enhance your graduate school experience and training.

SciComm Resources

Science is Sexy

Everything we do at PyPhD focuses on translating our work to the public. We connect with schools and museums and libraries in Waco, TX and work to convince the public that “science is sexy.” That it is worth paying attention to and we aren’t inaccessible brainiacs that slave away in our labs or offices.

We collaborate and we publish and some of us even leverage #sciencetwitter to share our findings. And this is awesome!

But, we can do more. We can share how we are doing these things, and what are the best ways to share our work. Below, you’ll find some of the resources that we at PyPhD have found to be helpful.

Why Communicating Science Matters

Connect with Others

Join Grad Student Slack, #scicomm channel

Sign up for Skype a Scientist

Share your time and your passion with Letters to a Pre-Scientist

I’m a Scientist, Get me out of here!

Informal Science

The Best American Essay

Science Writers

Read more that journal articles

Presentation Tips

Why Our Mission is Important

  • Why Low-Income Kids Are Nowhere in STEM by Matthew Lynch; Describes the cyclical nature that results in slowly pushing out valuable, intelligent students
  • Early Science by Madeline Will
  • Draw a Scientist by Ed Yong; Young students typically draw their own gender, but older students “weren’t putting some universal gender bias onto paper, but instead accurately reflecting the proportion of women and men in various professions.”


  • The Female Scientist
  • Tenure, She Wrote
  • From the Lab Bench
  • Next Scientist
  • Top 50 Blogs

Other Great Resources

Things to listen to in lab

  • Hello PhD
  • Superwomen in Science
  • Talk Nerdy with Cara Santa Maria
  • The Startup Scientist
  • The Story Collider

Put it into practice

  • Up Goer Five: only use the most common 1.000 words in the English language. See the US Space Team’s version!
  • Write for Frontiers, a magazine written by scientists for readers with young minds

Events and Opportunities

  • CommSciCon
  • AAAS Mass Media Fellowship
  • AAAS Science and Technology Fellows
  • SciComm Camp
  • Science Talk

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