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We are so excited you are interested in working with Present Your PhD. Feel free to explore this landing page, or choose the link below that best fits your area of expertise.

4th Grade and Below

5th grade and Up

Community / Library/ Museum

What is a Collaborator?

  • You are an educator interested in having PyPhD give a presentation in your class or at your school
  • You are a museum outreach coordinator interested in expanding into research-based talks
  • You are a librarian interested in hosting science talks to promote community involvement in the library
  • You are interested in learning more about science and connecting with the amazing research done at Baylor!

You may see the words “educator”, “partner”, or “collaborator” throughout the site. These are all terms that we use to describe anyone who is interested in working with Present Your PhD and having us host workshops or give a guest talk/presentation

How does it work?

Get Connected

We connect you to one of our Organizers, who will communicate about the logistics of setting up a PyPhD presentation

Build Your Team

The Organizer will work with you to find the best Presenter to match your needs

Presentation Collaboration

The Presenter will craft a presentation and will work with you to ensure it is appropriate for the audience

Engaged Learning

PyPhD comes to you and gives our presentation, engages the audience with science and age-appropriate exposure to research

The Bullet Points

  • Present Your PhD (PyPhD) is a group of graduate students at Baylor University who are passionate about research and sharing our work with the community through this guest lecturing program.
  • We need to create strong connections with collaborators like you to implement our program. We rely on your expertise to help guide our collaboration.
  • Getting started is easy! You can shoot us an email or read more about our program

Read the Collaborator Packet

The above material is ubiquitous for all our partners. From here, we offer different options, depending on the ages of the audience and your needs. Lastly, explore our website to learn more about how we can help you and make the biggest impact possible. Some good places to start are:

Stay in the Loop

Some highlights

2019-20 is coming quick!

2019-20 is coming quick!

With classes starting right around the corner, we are excited to welcome all the new Masters and PhD students to campus! We hope to grow our ranks -- so be sure to keep your eyes out for kickoff and recruitment announcements! One way to easily stay in the know is to...

We have a Twitter!

We have a Twitter!

Find us @presentyourphd. We'll try to update when we have presentations and talk about good science communication finds!

Awesome Science Writing Opportunities

Awesome Science Writing Opportunities

SciComm South April 6th at Huston-Tillotson University We hope that everyone who’s come to our workshops will also be interested in the South Central States regional conference for science communication, SciComm South. Read more about the conference and register...

Praise for PyPhD

We had a wonderful experience with both of our presenters. It was perfect for the age range and fit in well with material that we had covered in class.

Michaela McCown

9-12th Science, Vanguard Prep

I completely respect Ms. (Tori) Neises and her communication in getting the presenters in my classes. We thourally enjoyed each presentation! I would be happy to work with this program again and had no complaints!

Meredith Phillips

7th Science, Rapoport Academy

Andrew did a great job! The presentation was right on target with age-appropriateness and engagement. I loved that the students had a hands-on experience. He handled student questions like a pro!  So glad you have this program as a resource connecting real-life scientists and their research with students.

Morgan Castillo

5th Science, Woodgate Intermediate

Our Top Priorities

Present Your PhD is dedicated to empowering young learners, especially young women and underrepresented minorities, to envision themselves as future scientists, to inspire the community, and to create driving partners of research in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM).


We know that many young students may not even know a scientist. So we designed a presentation to engage them in the process of thinking like a researcher and inspire their scientific minds!

Community Networks

PyPhD was founded with the mission to bridge the Waco and the Baylor communities. We do that by collaborating with dedicated educators, communicators, and locals alike. 

Grad Leadership

Present Your PhD empowers our members have full control over their success, and, therefore, the success of our collaborations. We are proud to have a diverse and passionate member base.

Curriculum Matching

It can be hard to answer the “why do we have to know this?” question. We do our best to match our research to what you are teaching in the classroom or to students’ interests.

Building Skills

Have you ever wanted to share your research but werent sure how or where to start? Does your writing lack broader impacts? Join us to enhance your graduate school experience and training.


We want to give a special thanks to all of the schools and community centers that have collaborated with us so far. Their feedback has been very heartwarming and affirming of our mission to bring science awareness and education to Waco.

Become a Collaborator