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Present Your PhD empowers young learners to envision themselves as future scientists and to inspire the community to envision themselves as driving partners of research in STEM.

We are also committed to the development of communication and presentation skills for graduate students.

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We have the power to impact the future, and we’re committed to making changes.

Education systems today are limited to structures that inhibit creative thinking, exploration, and lasting retention of ideas and concepts. Research shows that young learners must be engaged with the ability to motivate, inspire curiosity, and foster supportive environments to overcome obstacles to achieving positive attitudes about STEM research and related fields.

Furthermore, society endures a pervasive idea that it is possible – and easy – to separate and distill ideas presented in the media to reflect one’s personal beliefs. This confirmation bias then promotes the spread of misinformation and an inaccurate narrative about science. This is a major driver of the widespread lack of science comprehension among adults, resulting in general distrust.

We found and grew this graduate student-organized outreach mechanism to support community connection and the promotion of scientific literacy and inclusivity of learners of all ages. There is overwhelming support for the value of hands-on, interactive education and its positive influence on memory, retention, and educational impact, which is the basis of Present Your PhD’s work. For instance, negative outlooks at any age are reversible with efforts to demystify and personalize science via widespread programming, face-to-face interactions with scientists, and approachable science journalism

Our mission is to empower young learners, especially young women and underrepresented minorities, to envision themselves as future scientists and to inspire the community to envision themselves as driving partners of research in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM).

Early Student Engagement

We know that many young students may not even know a scientist. So we designed a presentation to engage them in the process of thinking like a researcher and inspire their scientific minds!

Build Community Networks

PyPhD was founded with the mission to bridge the Waco and the Baylor communities. We do that by collaborating with dedicated educators, communicators, and locals alike. 

Linking CUrriculum to Research

It can be hard to answer the “why do we have to know this?” question. We do our best to match our research to what you are teaching in the classroom or to students’ interests.

early Career Science Communication

Have you ever wanted to share your research but werent sure how or where to start? Does your writing lack broader impacts? Join us to enhance your graduate school experience and training.

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Pictured: Himasha Perrera, Samantha Hodges, Grace Sutherland, Keighley Reisenauer, Grace Aquino, Tori Neises, Eva Kostadinova, Carl Bender, Grace Pruett, Ankan Choudhury, Patrick Ortiz, Brooke Morris, Suzanne Nolan-Strle, Felicia Osburn, Will Matthaeus Dani Crain

Not Pictured: Andrew Flynn, Megan Behrmann, Vivian Vigliotti, Austin Brown, Noah Padgett, Tolu Solares

So glad you have this program as a resource connecting real-life scientists and their research with students!

- Morgan Castillo, Woodgate Intermediate

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