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Left to right: Sam Hodges, Dani Crain, Eva Kostadinova, Grace Pruett, Ankan Choudhury, Gavin Saari, Patrick Ortiz, Keighley Reisenauer, Brooke Morris, Tori Neises, Felicia Osburn

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The students learned so much and I know they will use this knowledge to keep on studying.

Mrs. Cobb

Instructor of Biomed, Harmony School of Innovation

PyPhD News and Updates

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Find us @presentyourphd. We’ll try to update when we have presentations and talk about good science communication finds!

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Awesome Science Writing Opportunities

SciComm South April 6th at Huston-Tillotson University We hope that everyone who’s come to our workshops will also be interested in the South Central States regional conference for science communication, SciComm South. Read more about the conference and register...

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March Presentation Madness! 2019

PyPhD has reached over 350 students in this month alone! Keighley and Grace each did presentations to Rapoport/ Quinn Middle School to the 8th grade Career Explorations class. Grace S. and Patrick presented to almost 90 students for the Cedar Hill Collegiate High...

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February 2019 Update

This week, Keighley presented to the 8-10 year olds at the Waco YMCA. She powered through some technical difficulties, and ended up playing “EMT vs The Body” with the kids. Andrew also gave a presentation to Woodgate students, with Carl for support. He...

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Grace Sutherland teaches Vanguard students about enzymes

Grace Sutherland shared her research with Vanguard on December 10, 2018! She included an activity where each student at a table was an enzyme and they had specific jobs to modify a piece of paper: draw, fold, crumple, and rip.  Thanks Vanguard for having...

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