Reflecting on My Baylor Journey

This blog post was written by Undergraduate Assistant Chelsea Smith.

Photograph of graduating senior
Congratulations and “sic ’em” Chelsea! Poage is so proud of you!

My name is Chelsea Smith, and I am graduating with a B.A. in Psychology and a minor in Linguistics. My 4-year journey here at Baylor has been interesting. Believe me, going to college is a feat on its own. But it is also interesting to see how my journey developed in the warmth of the Baylor bubble.

For one, I was a bit apprehensive about leaving my high school friends and having to start with a clean slate. I thought that it would be difficult and tiring trying to find new friends in such a big place. That all changed when I met my life-long friends during Baylor Welcome Week. We instantly saw each other and clicked. Since then, we’ve never parted! What’s interesting is that we all pursued the same major which makes hangouts easier. Something that we loved to do was go to Moody’s garden level and “study”. Truly, it was a way we can spend time with each other and enjoy the nice talkative nature of the bottom floor.

Baylor has many hidden gems like this on its campus. For instance, if you happen to find yourself at the Cashion Building during a sunset, head up to the top floor to see the sun set over the beautiful campus! If you happen to enjoy quiet areas but don’t like being cramped inside, the Armstrong Browning Library’s gardens are a nice and peaceful getaway. I really enjoyed studying in these specific spots on campus, because it was nice knowing that very few people knew of these locations.

One thing that I will definitely miss from Baylor is the Baylor Psychology Club. The other officers and I built the club from scratch. Before, it was relatively unknown. It is nice to know that I am leaving the Psychology Club in good hands and am excited to see what it grows into. Another thing I was excited about being a part of here was the Baylor Learn Initiative; we formed a group to educate those on campus about social justice and equality for all students on campus. This initiative is still fairly new, so it is not that big. I do hope that as the seniors leave, the initiative develops into a strong and impactful presence on campus.

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