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Measuring, matting, and leveling are just a few of the tasks taking place in the W.R. Poage Exhibit Gallery.  Curator Beth Hair and student assistants, Hannah and Stephanie, are hard at work installing our newest exhibit, John F. Kennedy:  His Life – His Presidency – His Legacy.  The exhibit is set to open September 3.  While we wait, here is a look at how the JFK Materials Collection came to be at the Poage Legislative Library. 

Hannah and Stephanie work to select images for the JFK Exhibit.

In 2004, the JFK Materials Collection was established at the Poage with the acquisition of the Penn Jones, Jr. Papers from his friend, Bob Platt.  In 1963, Jones became involved in investigating the assassination of John F. Kennedy and he authored several books on the subject.  His collection is comprised of correspondence, manuscripts, video tapes, magazines, photographs and various publications.  Additionally, a number of our congressional collections contained extensive information about Kennedy.  Together, we began to see a natural fit for a Kennedy Collection within our Archive.  To build awareness, we spoke at the annual JFK Lancer Meeting and the Coalition on Political Assassination (COPA) Conferences and soon, more donors began to contact us.  We pride ourselves on providing a neutral space for JFK researchers to place their assassination research. 

For more information about our JFK Materials Collection, click the image below: 

While the focus of the JFK Materials Collection is the Kennedy Assassination, a study of the materials reveal his life, his presidency, and his legacy.

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