Alert: Active Phishing Event

A phisher is specifically targeting the Baylor community through an email whose subject line reflects a variety of current news topics at the university. One version of the email, pictured below, features an error line (“Unable to show this message”) followed by a link with the words “Click here to open this message.” If you receive an email that looks like this, delete it immediately.

This phish feigns an email system error using technical language (“POP3 message delayed”) in order to motivate the reader to click the highlighted link and view the message. The link routes to a fake login screen designed to steal your Bear ID and password. Many of your fellow Bears have entered their credentials into this page in the last 24 hours and the phisher is actively using the information to at least distribute additional copies of the email message.


As indicated in Tuesday’s BearAware cybersecurity update, do not click links in email or text messages. You can often inspect links by holding down the link on your phone or floating your cursor over the link on a laptop/computer. Even if you recognize the web address, the safest practice is to manually enter the website address into a browser.


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