Gift Card Scam Still Prevalent

If you receive an email from your supervisor, department chair, dean, the Athletic Director, or the University President that contains some variation of ‘Are you on campus?’ or ‘Are you available?’ please double check the sending address as it is likely NOT from a address – it may contain the real name of the people that hold those positions before the @ symbol, but after the @ symbol will be either a free email address provider or some other random company/domain. Something like the examples below:

Random email domain:

Using the person’s name before the @ symbol at a free email provider:

These scammers will NOT allow you to communicate with them by any other method other than email, using excuses like they are in a meeting that they do not know when it will be wrapping up & that phone use is not allowed in the meeting. The ultimate goal is to get you to meet their request by sending the codes off the back of gift cards (usually Steam, Google Play, Amazon, etc.) so that they get the funds from those cards immediately after you send the email.

If you receive one of this scam emails, please forward it to abuse at baylor dot edu so that we may block that address from sending to or receiving email from Baylor email addresses.

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