Tutor Over-Payment Scam

In this scam you get an unsolicited email asking you to either tutor this person’s child or relative, many times the people claim to be from overseas so they cannot meet you in person. If you engage they will eventually begin the money fraud by sending you a check for over the agreed upon amount & asking you to return a portion – this check is fraudulent & the funds do not exist so when you return the money it is removed from your balance & you are out the funds. Please forward any emails that look like the 2 examples below to abuse at Baylor dot edu. My favorite part about the first example below is that the scammer forgot to add in the name of the University & Department so it just stays as generic information – a dead giveaway that the email is fake. The second example below does a better job of being more specific to the person it was sent to by including the University & Department name.

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