Adult Content Extortion Emails…Again? Still?

We have seen a high number of emails that look like the one in the image below, but have various subject lines & a different MsgID number at the bottom. Everything these emails threaten is false, including the fact that they sent it from your own email account. The scammers are using a technique called email spoofing, which is the creation of a message with a forged sender address intended to mislead and/or prank the recipient about the origin of the message. This is very common in spam, phishing, & other scam messages. It is the equivalent of placing someone else’s return address label on a letter sent via the postal service.

We are able to block these emails based on the Bitcoin wallet addresses listed, but because they are sent from random email addresses from various free email providers we are unable to stop them all. Please continue to ignore these emails, but also feel free to forward them to abuse at baylor dot edu so that we may continue our efforts to block as many as we are able.

Sample Subject Lines:

  • No longer private!
  • Your friends will be shocked!
  • You dirty dog!
  • I got something from you!
  • You better read this!
  • Your chance!
  • Shame on you!

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