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Each semester, Baylor University provides an opportunity for students to steward and give away tens of thousands of dollars in a unique and transformational learning environment.  In partnership with dozens of inspiring social sector organizations, students enrolled in Philanthropy & The Public Good cultivate a philanthropic spirit through hands-on experience, developing as innovative leaders poised for a lifetime of generosity.  This site offers a window into their experience, a space where their creativity, ingenuity, and goodness shine.


Fall 2014 students with Judge Ken Starr presenting checks to grant recipients.

The posts you will read on this page are reflections authored by our students at varying stages of their semester experience.  During the course,  students  strive toward growth in three key areas: what they learn, what they do, and who they become.

  • You will see in their reflections as learners that they are developing thoughtfulness and keen understanding of philanthropy and the social sector, with specific emphasis on the public concerns in their own community.
  • You will see in their reflections as doers that they work hard, developing expertise in a particular program area, building relationships with key professionals, serving our community in meaningful ways, and making creative, strategic gifts.
  • You will see in their reflections that these students are becoming persons strong and abiding character, devoted to generosity and service on behalf of neighbors and the public good.

Above all, you will see in their reflections that these students are mindful, strategic philanthropists, poised for a lifetime of leadership and service Pro Ecclesia, Pro Texana.

Thank you for following and supporting our work!

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