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With the objectivity of the stranger is connected, also, the phenomenon touched upon above…This is the fact that he [sic] often receives the most surprising openness — confidences which sometimes have the character of a confessional and which would be carefully withheld from a more closely related person. George Simmel, “The Stranger”

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2013.5.21 — At the Drive-In

I feel my heart on the pause to look both ways while exiting our parking lot and involuntarily imagine a heart attack or other debilitating event in my vital organs. I am beset by the like and, foot slipping from the brake, I roll perpendicular into the road, unconscious, neck not supporting the eight pounds […]

2013.2.4 — Cotton and Glass

My friend, I’m reading Andrea Dworkin’s memoir, Heartbreak, which I’m sure will come up later in terms of content. I admit with some amount of chagrin that I haven’t read much of her primary work < “And you call yourself a feminist?!” >, but I am enjoying the memoir, nonetheless, because it gives personal context […]