On repeating myself

I’ve been writing this blog for more than seven years, and it has more than 1,300 entries on different topics. I’m afraid that I might be in danger of repeating myself. I mean, I would love to write more about sugar (and it’s dangers) or cookies or whatever, but I’d be repeating myself. Yet, since human beings are great at not listening, you have to repeat everything fifty times before they hear you. Seriously, take a group of forty people anywhere, and someone will ask where we’re going, when are we meeting to leave, where do we meet, what’s the significance of this place, and so on, even though you have already explained everything ten times, with written instructions, with color glossy photos with circles and arrows and a paragraph on the back explaining what the picture is about. I find myself repeating things endlessly. It probably only gets really bad when I start talking to myself, which probably wouldn’t be that bad unless I start answering myself. Some folks, good folks, kind-hearted folks, are just no good at listening. If you asked them about who was buried in Grant’s Tomb, they’d have to think about it–for at least a minute. So I repeat myself: we’re going to Toledo today, the bus will leave the stadium at 9 a.m., so arrive well before that or you might get left. So what’s so important about Toledo? Twenty centuries of art, architecture, history, multiple civilizations, I don’t know, I wasn’t listening.