On thunder and lightning

On a cool night in July when the wind blows up a summer storm, the rain falls, the lightning strikes, and thunder rolls across the mesa, one’s mind wanders aimlessly across the endless boundaries of the imagination, unbound, for once, by time and space. Wind scrapes through the leaves of the trees, which bend violently in the cold gusty air. The thunder cracks violently between buildings, and the lightning shines like the flash of an ancient anonymous photographer. On a cool night in July when you finally have a free moment, you can let your guard down and enjoy nature’s theatrics, letting the cool breeze quench the heat of the day. When you don’t have any more errands, the work of the day is done, there are no more responsibilities for today, then you can simply watch it rain without worrying about tomorrow. There is almost something sinister about the daily stress to which we submit ourselves and the damage it does to our minds and hearts. Sometimes it takes a cool night in July to remind one what it means not to worry for just a moment. No, the rest of the world does not stop spinning, and lots of things are going on across the world, but for just a moment, I am at home with the thunder and lightning.