On the (dysfunctional) super bowl

Needless to say, I’m not a fan of this particular game. Don’t get me wrong, I watch football all during football season, high school, college, and pro, but the Super Bowl seems very anti-climatic, and this year’s game was a total bust given the strange series of events that plagued the Broncos in the first half. Getting to the Super Bowl is always a bit of luck, given the “win or go home” nature of the playoffs which are based on a series of one game stand-offs. You win or you go home, but what if you are a good team and you simply have an unlucky game? It can happen. This is no apology for the Broncos who played rather badly after they were down and out. The entire second half was a complete wash after Harvin runs back the opening kickoff for a touchdown. Exciting to be sure, but unlucky for both the Broncos and network people who could hear the entire nation switching to re-runs of The Mentalist. Facing a 29 point deficit, the Broncos and the nation knew that game was over. Too much hype and too much marketing make this a very poor game to watch. Kudos to the Seahawks who played well on both sides of the ball, but the wheel will turn and their luck will certainly be different next year. A one game series is not a series at all. Every other sport plays seven games to decide who’s best, so why should football be different. Maybe they should play two games, on consecutive weekends–one in each team’s stadium–and add the two results together to decide who is best. It would certainly eliminate the element of luck–good or bad.