On yawning

Just thinking about yawning makes me yawn. Have you ever yawned so hard that something snaps in your jaw and your eyes water? I once sneezed and yawned at the same time and sprained my face. A yawn is obviously a sign that you are sleepy or sleep deprived, but it is also a sign of boredom. During the sermon on Sunday morning, I will do my best to always stifle all yawns. I yawned one time and a fly flew into my mouth and down my throat. Sometimes a good yawn is all you really need to get the sleep factory really humming along. When I see someone else yawn, I want to yawn as well. Checking out someone else’s tonsils when they yawn is probably bad manners. Never kiss and yawn at the same time–you will be found out. You might drown if you yawn while swimming. One should cover one’s mouth while yawning, but we all know that we don’t. Coffee is not the solution for solving a bad yawning moment. Some people try to talk while they yawn and sound like an old Norwegian longshoremen–unintelligible mumbling. Writing this little essay has made me start yawning. Dogs yawn, but I don’t think cats do. Yawning is an early warning system for sleep deprivation. Really sleepy people yawn and stretch at the same time, creating a sort of super-yawn. Well, have you yawned yet?