On parking badly

It’s an old story: you arrive at your parking garage, ready to get to work, and someone, driving some behemoth of a vehicle, has parked badly enough to take up two parking spaces. I wonder if the challenge of parking between the lines is too much for some people. Is crappy parking a sign of rebellion? Are they thumbing their nose at authority? They not only did not make it between the lines, they are also parked in some cockeyed diagonal fashion which makes parking next to them impossible. I tend to shun parking anywhere near them for fear of getting my own car involved in their reckless ways. You look for another spot, but what should you do? Leave a note explaining to this careless person what a moron they really are for parking so badly? First, parking is not that difficult, so I am amazed when people find it so hard to do. Believe or not, I like order in my world and the lines in a parking garage are there to encourage people to park in an orderly fashion. Yet, on a daily basis I must face people parking badly. People park wonky, on the line, off-kilter, and they invalidate a spot next to them. What kind of mind can turn a blind eye to the order of the lines in a parking lot? How can they leave their vehicle precariously parked for the whole world to look at and wonder about their careless ways? Are they completely without shame?