On yellow

Perhaps there is no color odder than yellow. Okay, fuchsia, but I don’t know what that looks like. Sponge Bob, need I say more? Bananas, mustard, the middle light in the stop light for which no one stops, yield signs, taxi cabs, high-lighters, school buses, lemons, some butterflies, butter, baby chicks, corn, sponges, the sun. What I like are yellow cars that are of a yellow that is so strange that one must wonder what kind of good deal that person was offered so that they would buy that odd-looking car. I imagine that yellow is used to get our attention, and one will hardly miss a bright yellow Corvette as it roars by. People will often wear yellow raincoats–so they might be seen with greater ease? There are some naturally occurring yellows, lemons, for example, or apples, which seem healthy and normal and not at all strange. A yellow rose can be a thing of beauty and not the least bit odd. Dandelions are yellow, and they were always a sign that perhaps winter might be over for a few months and that the parka might be stowed away until maybe October. I do not own (nor should anyone) a pair of yellow jeans, bell bottoms or otherwise. Wasn’t the smiley-face logo yellow? (From the category, “Things I wish I’d never seen in the first place.”) According to the Beatles (a small ’60’s rock band from Liverpool–strange names and funny hair), traveling on a yellow submarine was really where it was at. I was never offered a ride, although my cousin Kent has a yellow Sunbird, probably one of his more forgettable automobiles. Of course, never eat yellow snow, a nice bit of advice and a catchy aphorism for those who live in snowy climates–Texans need not worry about this particular reference. Gumby was a freaky blue-green color and I have no idea why he made it into this note other than the fact that he is just odd in general.Some dish soaps are yellow, but blue or maybe green might be more appealing. I’m sure a marketing director somewhere has data on why yellow dish soap sells at all. Why “Yield” signs are yellow is an existential mystery that no one will ever resolve. No baseball teams, excluding the Oakland A’s, have contemporary uniforms that are purely yellow, although I think that the Pirates, and maybe the Padres, at some point in their history has had a mustard color road uniform–enough said on that subject. Baseballs are still white although faux-baseball, softball, is now played, occasionally, with a fluorescent yellow ball that looks quite unnatural and not at all like a grapefruit. Some pills are yellow so that you might distinguish them from the blue ones, or the pink ones, or the white ones, or the brown ones. There are one or two soda pops that are yellow, but I’ll pass on saying anything else about yellow liquids. Grapefruit are rather yellow, but I really like the pink variety better, sweeter, less bitter. Are canaries really yellow or is that a stereotype? Would you ever be caught dead in yellow shoes? Only if I was wearing yellow pants with the matching yellow suit coat. Yellow ties, on the other hand, offer some interesting possibilities. Why are the yolks of eggs yellow? My favorite color of pencil is a greenish blue, not yellow, although 99% of all #2 pencils seem to be yellow. A couple of more yellow things: stickies, legal pads, sunflowers, PacMan, daffodils, pollen, Tweety Pie, Big Bird, the Yellow pages, the leaves on some trees in the fall.