On feet

Feet are very odd appendages. At once they are both strange and elegant with their knobby bony protuberances, calluses, odd looking nails, and toes. Due to the heat in central Texas, we see a lot of bare feet, feet in sandals, naked feet, but if you live in Minnesota, they cover up their feet just to make sure nothing freezes off, especially the toes. I know that toes are there for balance and ease in walking, but some people have long toes, other stubby toes, still others are fat. There don’t seem to be any rules about what toes should look like. Some women paint their toe nails and create a completely enticing sexy panorama red glossy luxury. Yet we all know that toes are really there to find the corner of the coffee table in the dark. Toes are also there to fill out the ends of your shoes, which would be all empty and hollow without the toes. Ballet and tap dancers need their toes to pound on the stage and make noise. Professional kickers do not use their toes to kick field goals anymore, using that bony spot on the side of the foot just below the big toe. Some people refuse to cut their toe nails like Howard Hughes and end up with weird creepy claws for feet. Some people love to kick off their shoes when they relax so that they can show off their beautiful feet. I have never frostbitten my feet, but I’ve come close a couple of times. Having cold toes is not a pleasant experience, but soaking your tootsies in hot water with Epsom salts is pure pleasure. Slippers were invented to protect both the foot and its toes, but stubbing a toe is nature’s way of reminding you to wear your slippers. Getting a toe stepped on will make you scream bloody murder. Bad shoes or shoes that don’t fit properly will make your feet hurt, and blisters are a reminder that good shoes are always necessary for hiking around monuments, museums, and mountains. My second toe is longer than my big toe. Foot health is often an indicator for the general health of the body, so if you get athlete’s foot, you haven’t been taking care of yourself or your feet. Flip flops do not really constitute footwear. Naked feet can be either very good or very bad–depends on your repressions and obsessions. You can almost tell, if you are Sherlock Holmes, a person’s life story by examining their feet, which wear the scars of a thousand battles. Stepping on hot tar is not good for feet. Getting a foot rub by someone who cares can be quite delightful and might lead to dancing. When your feet hurt, not much else makes any sense. Are you one of those people who love to rub their feet together while you watch a movie or television? Or do you hate to have your feet touched at all? Regardless of your feelings toward your feet or the feet of others, to state the obvious, every has two feet, and it’s always good to put your best foot forward, never put your foot in your mouth, always wear clean socks, and never let the toe jam accumulate in any serious way. No es lo mismo que te duelen los pies que te huelen los pies. They are just not the same.