On standing up (erect)

Some things are better done while sitting, but others can only be done while standing up. It is easier to write on a computer screen if you are sitting down, while it is easier to wash dishing while standing. Playing the French Horn can be done while sitting or standing. Sometimes I stand and eat, but tonight I sat while eating. Riding on a train is a fine thing to do while sitting, but riding a bike is a sort of sitting/standing proposition. I don’t like to stand to watch television, but when I’m having a beverage with friends standing up is just fine. Reading lends itself to many positions–lying on a bed, sitting in a chair, standing. Standing up is required for many fun activities such as baseball, grocery shopping, and dancing. You cannot change your oil while sitting, although you may need to lie on the ground to get the plug out. Activities with other people may depend on whether you personally can stand up or not–sometimes people take medicine so that they can stand up whenever they want to. A marathon requires standing, for example. One might see farther while standing up. One cannot sleep and stand at the same time. I think that horses have mastered the technique, but they have four legs and an edge in balance. I can, however, sit in a chair and sleep like a baby–that is, wake up every hour or so and cry. If you have to stand too long, your back might start to hurt, as well as feet, knees, hips and muscles. I watched a very young child take their first steps today, standing up. One might have an intense personal experience while standing up. Of course, fainting is bad if you are standing up because that means the floor is farther away, and gravity is very unforgiving. Standing up is about going against gravity. If someone helps you stand up, you should thank them in some significant way. Falling down is the not opposite of standing erect. Standing up is a sybollic act of respect in many circles–a standing ovation when someone excels on the stage, for example. We stand to pray, to sing, to walk away when necessary. One stands up to be counted. Standing up in the morning becomes a more interesting experience as one gets older. Just being able to stand up is always a sign of hope, of power, of success, of love, of strength. Nevertheless, the secret to standing up is always having a good motivation to do so.