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Communication Abstracts

This resource is now available from EBSCOhost and will be discontinued from its current publisher in early 2011.

Comprehensively covers communication-related articles, reports, papers, and books from a variety of publishers, research institutions, and information sources on a world-wide scale. Coverage includes not only communication literature but also literature in other disciplines that is relevant to communication researchers, such as international literature in film studies, the role of technology in human communications, risk communication, crisis communication and public opinions.

Criminal Justice Abstracts

This resource is now available from EBSCOhost and will be discontinued from Cambridge Scientific Abstracts in early 2011.

Provides comprehensive coverage of essential areas related to criminal justice and criminology. Topics include criminology, probation and parole, substance abuse and addiction , history of crime, forensic sciences and investigation, criminal investigation, police and policing, corrections and prisons, criminal law and procedure, and criminal justice.


Effective May 4, 2010, the search interface for this resource changed.

The goal of Iter is to increase access to all published materials pertaining to the Middle Ages and Renaissance (400-1700), through the creation of online bibliographic databases.

LexisNexis Academic

Effective on or about August 7, 2010, LexisNexis Academic will launch a new search interface, which will be accessible from a new URL.   If you want to familiarize yourself with the new interface prior to the change, you may do so by using this URL:

Philosopher’s Index

Effective July 1, 2010, this resource is no longer available from the FirstSearch interface and has been moved to the EBSCOhost interface.

Philosopher’s Index provides indexing and abstracts of journal articles, books, contributions to anthologies, and book reviews published worldwide since 1940. Topics covered include aesthetics, axiology, philosophy of education, epistemology, ethics, philosophy of history, philosophy of language, logic, metaphysics, philosophical anthropology, metaphilosophy, political philosophy, philosophy of science, social philosophy, and the philosophy of religion.

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