Web of Science Core Collection

The Baylor Libraries recently acquired additional backfiles for this resource, moving the years of indexed content to 1965 to present for the Science Citation Index and the Social Sciences Citation Index.  Previously, the indexed content was 1970 to present).

Naxos Video Library

Provides streaming access to more than 2,000 full-length videos, including classical music concerts, operas, ballets, documentaries, and theatre performances. Search options include composer, artist, and type of performance, as well as roles, production personnel, venues, and festivals. Subtitles are available for some performances, in up to five different languages. Divisions such as scenes and arias can be accessed directly, and custom clips can be created for use in presentations. Two download speeds are offered: 700 Kbps (standard quality) and 2 Mbps (high quality). The latter is comparable to a DVD image

Web of Science. Current Contents Connect

Contains table of contents and bibliographic information from scholarly journals and books since 1998 to present in the areas of Agriculture, Biology & Environmental Sciences; Social & Behavioral Sciences; Clinical Medicine; Life Sciences; Physical, Chemical & Earth Sciences; Engineering, Computing & Technology; Arts & Humanities; Business Collection; Electronics & Telecommunications Collection. Includes Basic Search (by topic topic, title, author, publication), Advanced Search, Browse Journals. Limitable by facets. Web of Science

Music Industry Data

Covers all genres from pop to classical, jazz and world music. This is a growing repository of historical and current data under exclusive academic license from Billboard (USA), Official Chart Company (UK), Media Control and many more reporting agencies In the Americas, Europe and Asia. Researchers can use Music Industry Data to measure the impact of music across countries and cultures. Contains tools to analyze historic and current music data.

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Trial expires on Friday, February 20, 2015.

American Doctoral Dissertations

A digital version of  the only comprehensive record of dissertations accepted by U.S. universities during coverage dates. Includes those universities that did not send their dissertations to UMI.  Taken from the print index, Doctoral Dissertations Accepted by American Universities 1933-1955 and provides full page images of the original print index. May be searched by author, title, subject and university.  Beware that when Ebsco says PDF full text it is not full text of the dissertation but full text of the entry in Doctoral Dissertations Accepted by American Universities which is only a brief bibliographic record.

Mass Observation

Includes essays on British social history collected between 1937 and 1972 during a project called the Mass Observation. Includes photographs, file reports, diaries, and day surveys. Topic collections include: Film, reading habits, religion, victory celebrations, smoking habits, drinking habits, posters, reconstruction, family planning, sexual behavior, Beveridge social surveys, music, dancing and jazz, propaganda and morale, conscientious objection and pacifism, anti-Semitism,, leisure and sport. Parts included under Mass Observation Studies: File Reports 1937-1972, Topic Collections 1938-1965, Worktown Collection 1937-1940, Worktown Photos; and under Publications: Diaries and Personal Writings, Diaries 1939-1951, Day Surveys 1937-1938, Directive Replies 1939-1947.

Met Opera on Demand, Student Access

This resource was on trial and has been acquired by the Baylor University Libraries.

ProQuest Research Companion

Developed by writing instructors and librarians, this resource consists of nine Learning Modules and seven interactive tools – designed to automate the basic parts of the research process. The multimedia-based learning modules engage students to think more critically and creatively about their research, while other interactive tools help students navigate through the research process more quickly to spend more time on the research that interests them most. ProQuest Research Companion adapts to all devices –- laptops, tablets, and smartphones.

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Met Opera On Demand

This collection from New York’s Metropolitan Opera provides performances on video from 1977 to present, some in high-definition. Also included are more than 300 audio-only recordings of live performances dating back as far as 1936. Can be searched by title, composer, vocal artist, and conductor. A synopsis and optional subtitles are provided for each opera; program notes and other supplementary materials are available for some. Flash player required for videos, which means videos will not display on iPads or iPhones. Library access to this collection does not include the iPad app that is available to individual subscribers.

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Trial expires: Friday, May 23, 2014

Oxford Handbooks Online. Music

Contains scholarly articles that provide a thorough introduction to specific sub-disciplines such as music education, ethnomusicology, and film music. They also survey current research, key issues, and major debates. Text and references are searchable; lists of books and articles can be browsed by title, author, or publication date. Updated monthly, with articles appearing online in advance of the print version.

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