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HathiTrust Digital Library

As a digital repository for the nation’s great research libraries, HathiTrust brings together the immense collections of partner institutions. It was initially conceived as a collaboration of the thirteen universities of the Committee on Institutional Cooperation, the University of California system, and the University of Virginia to establish a repository for those universities to archive and share their digitized collections, and quickly expanded to include additional partners with fast growing treasure of digitized collections.

Since Baylor is now a full partner in HathiTrust, enhanced access is available for Baylor students, faculty, and staff through their Bear ID and password, using Shibboleth, an Internet2 technology for inter-institutional identification. Although this level of access isn’t required to search HathiTrust or view the full text of public domain materials, additional functionality is available to users from partner libraries:

  • The complete PDF of items no longer protected by copyright can be downloaded (non-partners can only download a single page at a time); and
  • Collections of items in HathiTrust can be created and saved (non-partners can create collections, but they cannot save them).

More information on Baylor’s partnership with HathiTrust is available here.

LexisNexis Statistical Datasets EASI Modules

The LexisNexis Statistical Datasets now contain data from Easy Analytic Software Inc.  When looking for data on consumer expenditures or consumer spending habits, this can be the place to find what you need. Whether you are looking for household items, food or miscellaneous services, this can be a first stop to finding what you need.  Want to know what is spent on eyeglasses in Tarrant county?  With LexisNexis Statistical datasets you can locate this information. Information within the datasets can be broken down by state, county, and zip code. Within the consumer spending analytics section, data can be searched by age, income level, race and household type.  The datasets also contain sections on demographics and a very interesting section on media use.  How many internet users in Texas, how many people bought books, how many people watch the Scifi channel?  We can find the answer here.  Tables of data along with the ability to graph the data complete a resource that everyone can appreciate.  There is even a direct export to RefWorks.

Springer Images

SpringerImages is a growing collection of scientific (and some non-scientific) images, including high-quality clinical images from images.MD. The continually updated collection – currently over 1.6 million images – gathers photos, graphs, histograms, figures, and tables, and places them in a searchable database. Users can search through captions, keywords, context and more, even jumping from the image to the source article. Users can also create personalized image “sets,” and can easily export images for use in their own presentations or lectures. Details on using Springer Images can be found in this user guide.

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Trial expires: Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Publishing Opportunities Database

Publishing Opportunities Database, provides an extensive listing of opportunities for professors, post-doctorates and other students interested in presenting and publishing their research papers. Information from three distinct sources is combined and presented: Journal Call for Papers; Conference Call for Papers; and Special Issue Call for Papers.

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Trial expires: Friday, October 30, 2009


Scopus is the largest abstract and citation database, including peer-reviewed titles from international publishers, Open Access journals, conference proceedings, trade publications, quality web sources.


The Baylor Libraries had access to the full text of e-books from this resource.  After a 6 month trial period, about 281 titles were accessed two or more times and were added permanently to the collection.

Base (open resource)
A multi-disciplinary search engine to scholarly internet resources. Indexes OAI metadata from digital repository servers as well as selected websites and local data collections.

Complete Dictionary of Scientific Biography (ebook in BearCat)

Part of the Gale Virtual Reference Library, this resource provides information on the history of science through articles on the professional lives of scientists. All periods of science from classical antiquity to modern times are represented.

LexisNexis Statistical Datasets

Resource for building statistical tables from licensed and public domain datasets.

The MyiLibrary collection provides access to nearly 14,000 e-books from a variety of publishers. These titles will be in BearCat for 6 months. Those titles that are examined more than 2 times will be “purchased” and remain accessible through MyiLibrary

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