British Literature

Shakespeare in Performance: Prompt Books from the Folger Shakespeare Library

As a record of how an individual production of Shakepeare’s plays were marked up for performance, the prompt book is a record of the interpretation given by that performance. This collection records the adaptations, changes, and interpretations made for performances of 34 of Shakespeare’s plays from the late 17th century to the 1970’s. Includes other supporting materials (playbills, costume and lighting designs, music scores, photographs, etc.). In addition, 17 of the most significant performance of Shakepeare are studied via in-depth case studies. Supporting research includes essays by scholars in the field, an interactive chronology, side-by-side comparisons of two prompt books, and biographies of famous Shakespearean actors and directors. Search by keyword, advanced search features, or browse the image gallery. “My Archive” feature allows for building collections in support of individual research or classroom needs.

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Trial expires on Monday, October 31, 2016.

Oxford Scholarly Editions Online

Provides access to more than 800 scholarly editions of material written between 1485 and 1901, plus Classical Latin poets, historians, and dramatists — from Jane Austen, Jeremy Bentham, Catullus, and Charles Dickens through to Virgil and Worldsworth. These editions contain over 96,000 different works including more than 600 plays and over 25,000 poems.

Colonial America

This resource was on trial and has been acquired by the Bayulor Libraries.  This resource includes both Colonial America: Module 1: Frontier Life, Early Expansion And Rivalries and Colonial America: Module 2: Towards Revolution.

Theatre in Video. Volume II

A streaming video collection of 400 hours of new, international, and contemporary performances; ground- breaking documentaries; and critical instructional series for theatre and drama programs across the globe, including many new performances from Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre collection (Opus Arte), Theatre Arts Films, the BBC, and TMW Media Group.

Digital Theatre Plus

Provides high-definition recordings of top British theatre, music, and dance productions. A collection of interviews offers insights on acting, directing, design, and tech theatre. A collection of study guides details the context of performances, offers critical analysis of plays, and provides question and activity guides for students. Finally, a set of filmed and written teaching resources offers guides for teaching drama techniques and exercises.

Gale Artemis. Literary Sources

Provides a single search site for seven different and very useful full-text resources in literature covering biography and criticism of major authors and literary works from classical Greek and Roman literature to contemporary works; all languages and most countries are represented. Among the individual titles included are: Contemporary Authors (biographical information and lists of published works), Dictionary of Literary Biography (in- depth essays on an author’s life and influences, and his/ her works), Literature Criticism Online (excerpts from critical essays and reviews of major works from poetry, drama, prose, and short story, and children’s literature), the Scribner Writers Series and the Twayne’s Authors Series (which provide in-depth book-length studies of an author and her works), Something About the Author (information on children’s authors and illustrators), and other sources with briefer information. Search all titles at once or select individual title(s) via a checkbox. Simple keyword search or advanced search by author, specific work, and subject. Limits by document type (article, book, etc.), language of publication, and date.

Colonial America

Provides access to the National Archives (UK) files of original correspondence on British colonies in North America and the Caribbean. These files (from the CO 5 section of the National Archives) include the correspondence, charters, military documents, pamphlets, instructions to officials and other documents between the Board of Trade in the UK and the Secretaries of State in the various colonies. This information discusses the growth and development of colonial institutions, trade, piracy, religious issues, slavery and the slave trade, and settler’s relations with the Native Peoples.

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Trial expires on Thursday, November 5, 2015.

Digital Temple

Provides diplomatic transcriptions of Herbert’s collection of poems known as The Temple as they are found in two manuscript versions and the first printed edition. High quality digital copies of both of the manuscripts and the first printed edition are available for viewing. All have been transcribed in modern English spelling. Users may look at any of the three versions alone, or the poems may be viewed individually or side-by-side to allow for comparison. The collection may be searched by keyword with results from each version displayed side-by-side and the searched text highlighted. Includes introduction and documentation.

Journal of Emily Shore

Provides the first complete presentation of the transcribed journals of Emily Shore, a young Victorian woman of extraordinary talent. Emily Shore read widely – economics, botany, zoology – and was an amateur botanist and ornithologist who catalogued the natural world around her home and wrote essays on bird behavior. She also wrote poetry and plays and was a keen observer of life and culture before her death at the age of 19 from tuberculosis. Her journals cover the the years 1831 – 1839 (ages 11 – 19) and include two of the journals which were not know at the time of the printed edition. Supplemented with maps and illustrations. Would provide an interesting comparison with the same years from Queen Victoria’s Journals, which Baylor also owns

Letters of Matthew Arnold

Presents a full-text, searchable edition of 4,000 letters written by the Victorian critic and poet. Correspondence is annotated and may be searched by author or recipient, date, or keyword. Allows for wild card and proximity searching (“light*” and “dark*” within X number of words of each other). Includes a chronology of Arnold’s life and scholarly introduction to the correspondence.

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