Digital Theatre Plus

Provides high-definition recordings of top British theatre, music, and dance productions. A collection of interviews offers insights on acting, directing, design, and tech theatre. A collection of study guides details the context of performances, offers critical analysis of plays, and provides question and activity guides for students. Finally, a set of filmed and written teaching resources offers guides for teaching drama techniques and exercises.

Naxos Video Library

Provides streaming access to more than 2,000 full-length videos, including classical music concerts, operas, ballets, documentaries, and theatre performances. Search options include composer, artist, and type of performance, as well as roles, production personnel, venues, and festivals. Subtitles are available for some performances, in up to five different languages. Divisions such as scenes and arias can be accessed directly, and custom clips can be created for use in presentations. Two download speeds are offered: 700 Kbps (standard quality) and 2 Mbps (high quality). The latter is comparable to a DVD image