British Library Newspapers

The Baylor Libraries have obtained additional content for this resource. The updated description is below.

Contains PDF images of newspapers from Britain, Scotland, Ireland and Wales from 1721 – 1950 (formerly 19th Century British Library Newspapers). Coverage of urban, provincial, and small town newspapers in these areas. Search all 5 collections of over 170 newspaper titles simultaneously, in any combination, or a single collection. Collections I & II cover the 19th century and include representative titles from all regions of England, Scotland, and Wales. Parts III-V extend the time period (1721 – 1950), and increase representation of titles from the central and northern counties of England, Scotland, Ireland, and Wales. Topics covered include news, politics, religion, literature, crime, and business. Coverage excludes the Times (London) which is available in the “Times Digital Archive” database. Keyword and advanced search features with limits to specific collection(s), date/date range, place of publication, publication section, and language (English/Welsh).