19th Century Women Poets Collection

This digital collection of books located in the Armstrong Browning Library features works created between the late 1700s and the 1910s.  The collection embraces a range of styles, from simple statements to effusive eulogies. Topics covered include religious themes, ancient Greek and Roman myth, daily life, romance, motherhood, and local and national history. Infant mortality, an ever-present specter in the lives of 19th century women, is a recurring theme addressed in almost every title in the collection.

The collection also features works from the Browning family’s personal collection. These books feature inscriptions addressed to Robert (the “Guild Master”), Elizabeth and their son Pen, and are among the most prized acquisitions of the Armstrong Browning Library.

Prominent authoresses whose works appear in the collection include Eliza Cook, George Eliot, Dora Greenwell, Felicia Hemans, Jean Ingelow, Caroline Norton, Christina Rossetti, and Elizabeth Barrett Browning.

The full text of all of these works is fully searchable and the original volumes can be found in the Armstrong Browning Library.