HathiTrust Digital Library

As a digital repository for the nation’s great research libraries, HathiTrust brings together the immense collections of partner institutions. It was initially conceived as a collaboration of the thirteen universities of the Committee on Institutional Cooperation, the University of California system, and the University of Virginia to establish a repository for those universities to archive and share their digitized collections, and quickly expanded to include additional partners with fast growing treasure of digitized collections.

Since Baylor is now a full partner in HathiTrust, enhanced access is available for Baylor students, faculty, and staff through their Bear ID and password, using Shibboleth, an Internet2 technology for inter-institutional identification. Although this level of access isn’t required to search HathiTrust or view the full text of public domain materials, additional functionality is available to users from partner libraries:

  • The complete PDF of items no longer protected by copyright can be downloaded (non-partners can only download a single page at a time); and
  • Collections of items in HathiTrust can be created and saved (non-partners can create collections, but they cannot save them).

More information on Baylor’s partnership with HathiTrust is available here.