LexisNexis Statistical Datasets EASI Modules

The LexisNexis Statistical Datasets now contain data from Easy Analytic Software Inc.  When looking for data on consumer expenditures or consumer spending habits, this can be the place to find what you need. Whether you are looking for household items, food or miscellaneous services, this can be a first stop to finding what you need.  Want to know what is spent on eyeglasses in Tarrant county?  With LexisNexis Statistical datasets you can locate this information. Information within the datasets can be broken down by state, county, and zip code. Within the consumer spending analytics section, data can be searched by age, income level, race and household type.  The datasets also contain sections on demographics and a very interesting section on media use.  How many internet users in Texas, how many people bought books, how many people watch the Scifi channel?  We can find the answer here.  Tables of data along with the ability to graph the data complete a resource that everyone can appreciate.  There is even a direct export to RefWorks.